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La CCAT fournit différents niveaux de support et de services à de nombreuses organisations membres et les professionnels au Canada et de la Chine, en particulier pour les petites et moyennes entreprises, les entrepreneurs et start-up qui cherchent à faire leurs premiers pas dans un nouveau marché, ainsi que des universités et de la culture des communautés. Le CTAC informe les Canadiens sur les opportunités de croissance rapide avec la Chine, faciliter la réussite des entreprises canadiennes en Chine, et de travailler avec des organisations petites et grandes de tous les secteurs de l'économie canadienne à leur entrée et à fonctionner en Chine. Nous avons également guider les investisseurs chinois à leur entrée dans le marché canadien afin qu'elles puissent fonctionner avec succès au Canada. Nous sommes une source fiable d'informations et d'opinions sur la politique et d'affaires Canada-Chine. Nous nous réjouissons de travailler avec vous dans l'année de 2018 !

Latest News and Events

4 weeks ago

Canada China Art Tech

Since the first edition of our festival, we have focused our attention to empowering women in film and media industries.

In both the 1st and 2nd edition, we hosted a seminar on Women's Voice in Film and Television.
Last year, at our 3rd edition, we co-hosted a fashion and beauty presentation in collaboration with Holt Renfrew, which was a unique way to bring together women filmmakers and industry leaders from both Canada and China. These seminars serve as a good opportunity to rethink the notion of women’s work as a fragmented set of stories in the larger context of film history.
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1 month ago

Canada China Art Tech

Last year, Matt William Knowles starring in the film “Poppies,” won our Best Actor Award. Just last month, the film also won the Popular Choice award at the Katra Film Festival and has been shortlisted again at That Film Festival in Berlin. The director, Myles Yaksich said: "It has always been my dream to be able to write and direct "Poppies". I am very excited to have the opportunity to turn it into a movie. The story is about a flight from New York to Shanghai, a frustrated American lawyer was attracted to a wise Chinese woman who was next door, [which] then opened up an emotion that he had long buried in his heart."

We are ecstatic to see the success of “Poppies,” and we hope to further acknowledge and contribute to the success of well-deserving films such as this one!
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1 month ago

Canada China Art Tech

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that our very first deadline is fast approaching - in just 20 days!

For more information, head over to our website for more dates and submission requirements

Attached, is a film still from the movie "It's Me" / 是我 - and you can find the trailer on our YouTube channel.
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1 month ago

Canada China Art Tech

From everybody here at CCIFF, we would like to wish everybody a happy lunar new year! We hope that everybody is celebrating with all your loved ones.

There are many foods we love to eat every year - which are your favourites? Comment below and let us know! <3
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1 month ago

Canada China Art Tech

Happy February!

For our movie of the month, today we will be celebrating "Feeling You" 未来的你/Je te sans, directed by Yuez Zeng which won the "Best Cinematography" at our last CCIFF awards ceremony!

"Feeling You" is a romantic love story between two characters who are telepathic despite living in two different time periods. As their telepathy allows them to share their sense of touch and hearing, the two embark on a journey in discovering how love can transcend both time and space.

Click this link to watch the trailer!
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Notre Mission

Construire et promouvoir une plate-forme inclusive Canada-chine à favoriser et à développer des opportunités de contenu numérique, les relations d'affaires et partenariats pour la-enabled creative industries.
Célébrant les arts et la technologie du Canada et de la Chine

Canada Chine Art-Tech (CTAC) a été fondée en 2015 comme une organisation à but non lucratif enregistré au Canada à l'échelle provinciale et fédérale. Basé à Montréal, nous avons établi des relations solides avec les autorités gouvernementales des deux pays et utilisent pleinement la nature unique, technologiques et culturelles.

Notre Conseil

Nous sommes un groupe de bénévoles enthousiastes au sujet de notre mission.

Miao Song

Director of Canada China International Film Festival (CCIFF) and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University. Her interdisciplinary research includes computer graphics, virtual reality, and human computer interaction design.


Co-director of CCIFF and Co-Founder of mDreams Stage Research and Creation Group and mDreams Pictures, Inc. Affiliate Assistant Professor at Concordia University, Computer Science and Software Engineering and Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering

Daniel Vermette

President of Connexion Films International
President of Connexion Films International and Executive Producer at Digital Dimension. Daniel has extensive experience in TV and film production.

Bernard Fouché

General Director, Innovation Program
General Director, Innovation Program, C:Lab, Cirque du Soleil.

Jian Wang

Chartered Professional Accountant.
Chartered Professional Accountant. Certified General Accountant.

Lin Song

Professional financial consultant
Professional financial consultant with tremendous experience in financial investment.


Executive Producer, 45 Degrees, a Cirque du Soleil division
Executive Producer, 45 Degrees, a Cirque du Soleil division, specializing in development of new concepts and execution of global partnerships

Li-Wen Chuang

Senior Associate Manager, Sun Life Insurance

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